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March 18-20, 2020 Shanghai International Expo Center
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In the global laser industry, material processing is still the most important application direction, of which laser marking, cutting and welding occupy the most important application market. To this end, global laser companies have also continuously upgraded their product lines to further improve processing efficiency and reduce costs.



► Display range

Solid-state lasers / gas lasers / diode lasers / fiber lasers / other lasers / laser system components / laser parts / laser protection equipment / light-emitting diodes / organic light-emitting diodes / incoherent light and light sources / electro-optics / acousto-optic components / photoelectrics Tube / Optoelectronics / Optical System / Optical Power / Laser and Optical Software / Placement and Assembly System

► For the audience

Rail transit (automotive, aerospace, marine, railway, engineering machinery)

Automation (security engineering, data processing telecommunications, printed graphics)

Three C Electronics (mobile devices, communications, computers)

Medical (Medical Biology, Chemical Pharmaceutical, Environmental Monitoring)

Scientific research in universities (non-university research institutions, universities)

Moulds (tool manufacturing, plastics, metal processing ...)

► Held in the same period: VisionChina (Shanghai) 2020

With the development of intelligent manufacturing, machine vision will become increasingly important in industrial production. Vision China (Shanghai) is a domestic machine vision exhibition that integrates scale, professionalism and authority. The scope of exhibits covers the core components of machine vision And auxiliary parts, including the whole industrial chain of smart cameras, boards, software packages, image processing systems, and machine vision integration. The exhibition brought together new products, new technologies, new applications and solutions applied in many fields such as electronics, semiconductors, quality packaging inspection, machinery automation, food, medical, rail transit and many other fields. At the same time, the forum will focus on machine vision and artificial intelligence, follow industry hotspots and market trends, bring cutting-edge technology and the latest case sharing, and provide an effective communication platform for enterprises, experts and users!

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