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Optics and optical manufacturing exhibition area
Time:2020-04-08  Read: 3884
The optical and optical manufacturing theme exhibition area is currently the world's most influential optical industry event. In 2020, the Shanghai Shanghai Optical Expo will bring together the latest highlights of the optical industry chain technology and development trends to focus on the display of optical materials, components, lens components, and the whole machine. Various optical products, equipment and technology such as instruments, optical processing equipment, optical coating, lenses and cameras, security and monitoring. ZEISS, Olympus, Nikon, Erlu, Ocean Optics, Etmont, AMETEK PRESTEC, Corning, Ripple, Hamamatsu, Lenny, Bühler Leybold, Letterbas, Kony Cameronda, Sylora, Erodek, PCO, ACS, QED, Umicore, Bo Nano, Sunny, Lanfei, Fordco, Wavelength, Daheng Optics, Xibin, etc. brought new Products and new technologies. At the same time, the "2020 International Forum on the Development of the Optical Industry" was held, inviting academicians, chief scientists and industry leaders of the two academies to share industry trends and applications and solutions of optical products in China's core technology, energy, and bioengineering. The first optical industry event in 2020 is not to be missed!

►Layout of the exhibition area

►Display range

    Optical materials

    Raw materials / optical crystals / optical production accessories / optical film materials / adhesives, etc.

    Optical production technology and equipment

    Optical production equipment / Optical production and processing / Optical coating technology and equipment / Other optical production technology, etc.

    Optical components

    Semi-finished optical components / lenses / lenses / diffractive optics / optical transmission components / other optical components, etc.

    Imaging and test measurement, optical instruments

    Microscope / Spectrometer / Interferometer / Optical measurement and inspection instruments / Optical design software / Optical platform and stage, etc.

    ►For audience

    Optical / optical communication

    Electronic Manufacturing Engineering

    Digital image


    Lasers and Optoelectronics

    Instruments and testing

    Machine Vision and Imaging

    Ships and Aerospace


    Research institute

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